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Car Covers

Available for storage customers and by mail order!

Car Covers for Storage

If you are storing your car with us, you can buy a car cover at the time of booking. This will save you the mail order delivery cost.

To provide additional protection for your car, Lancs Car Store can provide you with a tailored and breathable car cover. Have a completely dust free car storage solution with one of our quality car covers, available from 59.99. Simply tell us the model and year of your car and a storage cover will be arranged. Alternatively, all customers are welcome to bring their own car covers and we will fit it for you without charge.

The car cover is your property to keep once your vehicle leaves storage. All covers are suitable as indoor dust covers for garages and warehouses. However, you may be interested in a superior outdoor weather resistant car cover. An outdoor cover should be purchased if you plan to cover your car on a driveway or other outdoor area at a later date. It can be useful even for overnight outdoor parking. Yes, after storage you can still be prepared to protect your car!

Car Covers for Mail Order

Lancs Car Store now offer car covers by mail order. A new car cover section is coming soon to showcase our full range of car covers. The most popular car covers are tailored dust covers for use inside your garage. Tailored outdoor car covers are also available to protect from the wind and rain for driveways and outdoor car parks.

An example of a car dust cover tailored for a VW Passat:
vw passat storage vw passat car cover

Dust Cover

From 59.99 inc VAT

An example of an outdoor car cover tailored for an Aston Martin DB7:
aston martin storage aston martin outdoor car cover

Outdoor Car Cover

From 79.99 inc VAT

An example of a Carcoon bubble (car capsule) to fit a Lamborghini Gallardo:
Lamborghini storage carcoon

Classic Car Capsule

From 379.99 inc VAT

Buy your Car Cover on 0845 0170 504
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