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Terms And Conditions

When using this website or purchasing from "Lancs Car Store", you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Payment

Payment for vehicle storage is due upon collection. No vehicle can be released without advance payment unless you have a credit agreement signed by "Lancs Car Store", in which case those terms and conditions will apply.

1.1 Lien

You agree to grant "Lancs Car Store" the lien over any vehicle stored at our premises. Lien refers to our right to retain property until any debt or other obligation is discharged. The lien is immediately released when your account is settled in full.

2. Insurance

We do not provide insurance and we recommend that you keep your existing car insurance policy active while your car is in storage with us. You will need to notify your insurance provider that your vehicle is in storage under our care.

3. Complaints

It is essential to inspect your vehicle before removing it from the "Lancs Car Store" facility. Depending on the nature of your complaint, failure to perform an inspection might later effect your right to claim. If your vehicle has been transported using our collection or delivery service then you must inspect your vehicle within 24 hours of arrival. "Lancs Car Store" endeavour to settle any complaint within 14 days. All complaints must be submitted in writing to our registered address.

You are obliged to inform "Lancs Car Store" of any pre-existing damage on your vehicle prior to commencing storage. "Lancs Car Store" acknowledge that in some cases you may not be able to detect any pre-exisiting damage. Legal action may be taken if the circumstances surronding a non-disclosure of damage information appear to be fraudulent.

3.1 Duty of Care

"Lancs Car Store" have a duty of care towards your vehicle whilst it is in storage. However, the extent of which is dependant on your chosen storage tariff. For instance, if you wish to store your vehicle outside then "Lancs Car Store" refuse to accept any liability for damage caused from the weather or environment; namely paint fading from UV rays, corrosion from exposure to rain, interference from birds and any other issues arising from outdoor storage. "Lancs Car Store" recommend that you choose our indoor storage solution.

3.1.1 Car Care (Vehicle Maintenance Programme)

To maintain the optimum integrity of your vehicle "Lancs Car Store" recommend that you choose our vehicle maintenance programme, which we refer to as "Car Care". All vehicles on this package are checked regulary by a qualified mechanic. Car Care also includes tyre rolling, battery conditioning, depression of clutch with gear selection and engine turnover to operating temperature. "Lancs Car Store" will take every possible action to ensure vehicles on this premium service are maintained to the highest possible standard at all times. However, you acknowledge there will be no guarentee against some degredation if your vehicle is left standing (not driven on a road) for an extended period. For instance, any stored vehicle could suffer from a broken seal on the power steering if it is not used for an extended time. To prevent such occurances, "Lancs Car Store" recommend that you choose our Platinum Car Care and Exercise solution.

3.1.2 Platinum Car Care and Exercise

If you choose our Platinum Car Care and Exercise package, "Lancs Car Store" agree to accept any liabilty for degradation to your vehicle which is a direct result of storage. You acknowledge that your vehicle can still incur general wear and tear from normal use. However, any problem is highly unlikely if your vehicle has been regularly serviced and is mechanically sound when you commence storage. "Lancs Car Store" will inform you of any issue with the integrity of your vehicle as and when it occurs. Any cost arising from degredation due to storage will typically be reimbursed in full by "Lancs Car Store".

4. Confidentiality

All confidential information, including credit card details, are held securely and only transmitted in encrypted form. Customer details are not passed to third parties and are used only in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

5. Indemnity

"Lancs Car Store" cannot accept any claims, losses, liabilities, damages and expenses (including legal fees), arising from your use of this website.

6. Jurisdiction

Should you enter into a contractual agreement with "Lancs Car Store", the contract will be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties to the contract submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

7. Consumer Rights

None of the above Terms and Conditions affect your statutory consumer rights.

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