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Before arranging storage, you should prepare the following details:

  • The nature of your enquiry - corporate or private.
  • The quantity of vehicles that need accomodating.
  • The date on which they will arrive and for what duration.
  • The total area of space required
         - Alternatively, just tell us the type of vehicles.
  • Do you need help with logistics?
         - If so, do all vehicles have a valid MOT certificate?
  • Do you want indoor or outdoor storage?
  • Do the vehicles need any extra care, such as valeting?
  • Do you wish to make a credit application (if applicable)?
  • Do you have any other requirements?
  • Advise us if you are storing vehicles for salvage
         - Extra preperation is required if cars are non-starters.

We look forward to receiving your call.

On Arrival

Simply drive through the gates into our main yard for parking and allow our friendly staff to store your vehicle/s. Corporate customers with large transporters will find there is plenty of room for turning within our main yard.

In Storage

We provide a full service car storage solution. Tyre checks and basic cleaning are provided as standard with valeting as an optional extra. Vehicle exercising, MOT tests and general servicing are also available upon request.

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Corporate Financing

If you have many vehicles to store over the next financial year then you may be interested in paying on credit (subject to status). Payment is typically requested on collection but this is no longer a requirement if your credit application is accepted. Please call for more information.

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